Email Design

1px Horizontal Line added in Outlook

Learn about this known Outlook issue.
How To Guide | Last Modified 4 May, 2018

A Guide to Template Theme Settings

When editing the Theme of your Template, there are many options to choose from. Use this article as a guide to understanding the options.
How To Guide | Last Modified 19 November, 2019

Create a Zipped Folder

If you are trying to upload a zipped folder containing HTML and Images for the HTML drop function, you will need to have a zipped folder created.
How To Guide | Last Modified 29 July, 2021

Creating a Mobile Friendly Email

Want to ensure your employees can read your communications on any device? Find out how you can ensure your communications are Mobile friendly.
Best Practice Guide | Last Modified 7 August, 2018

Creating HTML for Email

In the Poppulo system it is possible to add your own HTML to an existing template layout or create your own HTML email completely from scratch.
Best Practice Guide | Last Modified 3 August, 2018

Edit your Section Icon

Some Templates are built to allow a Section Icon, use this article to update this icon.
How To Guide | Last Modified 7 January, 2020

Editing the Template Theme

The edit theme option allows you to make changes to the default style settings of your email template.
How To Guide | Last Modified 11 January, 2021

Email Design Best Practice

Designing for email is quite different than designing for the web, print or any other medium. See our best practice tips for making the most of your email Folder.
Best Practice Guide | Last Modified 1 May, 2020

Rebuild an Email from a Master Template

Use these instructions to recreate an email after the master template has been updated or changed.
How To Guide | Last Modified 5 September, 2019

Responsive Email Design

View helpful tips and checklists to decide if your employees would benefit from templates featuring Responsive Design.
Best Practice Guide | Last Modified 5 May, 2017

Restore your Template Theme

The restore Theme feature allows you to revert back to the original them settings or choose the them of a previous email.
How To Guide | Last Modified 9 October, 2019

Template Design FAQ

Use this frequently asked questions to learn about your template after the design phase.
How To Guide | Last Modified 26 October, 2018

Template Theme Settings

Use the Edit Theme feature on your templates to change page colours, header styles, spacing and much more.
How To Guide | Last Modified 23 November, 2018

View the Templates Available in my Account

Browse the Email templates available in your Poppulo Account.
How To Guide | Last Modified 17 November, 2020

Why is my Email Clipping in Gmail?

Learn about why your email is clipping in Gmail and some recommended workarounds.
How To Guide | Last Modified 4 May, 2018