Best Practices

Drive Consistency and Reduce Duplication with Content Library

Your Content Library provides the perfect place to store images, articles and files that can be shared and reused across sub-accounts linked to your Enterprise Account.
Best Practice Guide | Last Modified 3 August, 2018


Read about how Poppulo prepared for GDPR.
Best Practice Guide | Last Modified 2 July, 2020

Including Video in your Communications

Video is one of the most effective and engaging ways to get your message across to employees. This article explains the various ways you can include video in your communications.
Best Practice Guide | Last Modified 26 April, 2019

Tips for Managing your Media Library

If you have a lot of users sharing content via the Media Library, it can quickly become hard to track down content. Outlining a few housekeeping rules can save lots of time further down the line.
Best Practice Guide | Last Modified 4 July, 2017

Top Tips for Email Subject Lines

Choosing the right subject line can have a big impact on how employees engage with your message.
Best Practice Guide | Last Modified 29 April, 2019

Using Emojis or Symbols in your Subject Lines

Is it a good idea? Is it supported?
Best Practice Guide | Last Modified 28 August, 2019

Video FAQs

This article contains some Frequently Asked Questions related to including video within your communications.
Best Practice Guide | Last Modified 30 March, 2020

What to Measure in your Email Communications

Poppulo Reports provide you with a wealth of intelligence after you’ve sent an email. Here are a few tips on what to look out for when measuring your email's performance.
Best Practice Guide | Last Modified 29 April, 2019