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When it comes to communicating with an large audience that speaks different languages, you may need to consider translation of your content or localizing it for the different readers. Creating multiple versions of an email in the different languages is one way to address this but Poppulo Harmony has 3 solutions that might help. These solutions are outlined below with some guidance on when to use each:  

Multilingual Newsletter Templates

A Multilingual Newsletter template allows you to Create an Email in multiple languages using a single template. You'll create an Article in a default language and then create different language versions of the same article. You can see what each language version of the Newsletter looks like using a toggle in the Edit View. 

When to use: 

  • You have a large multilingual requirement.(e.g. a large percentage of your employees need to receive content in other languages.)

  • You have a legal obligation to communicate in multiple languages. 

See Create a Multilingual Email for more information.

Note: A multilingual template is not included in your account by default but you can give it a try by using a free template titled "Multilingual Template 0001" in the Poppulo Harmony Library Templates (View the Templates Available in your Account). If you would like to add a multilingual template to your Account Templates, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 


Google Translate

A Google Translate widget can be added to your template by the Poppulo Design Team. The widget allows your readers to select the language they'd like to view an email in, when they receive it. 
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When to use:
  • You have a small multilingual requirement. (e.g. a small percentage of your employees need to receive content in another language.)
  • You don't want to translate your content into multiple languages using a Multilingual Template or you don’t have the means to translate your content. 

Note: A Google Translate widget is not included in your templates by default. If you would like to add a widget to your templates, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 


Events in any Language

You can now Create an Event Invitation in any single language. The Event buttons and other areas of the template that are not editable will appear in the chosen language. 

When to use:
  • You want to create an Event Invitation in any language. 
Note: You do not require a new template to use a different language in Events. Create the Event and change the default language in the Email settings. We do not support Events in multiple languages. Each Event must have a single language. 

Supported Languages

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