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Employee data in Poppulo Harmony is categorised into different data fields. An employee's 'First Name', 'Country' and 'Department' are all examples of different data fields. These fields allow you to easily identify your audience. You can use the data to create dynamic distribution lists called a Saved Search

Poppulo Harmony provides a range of default Fields for use in all accounts, by all users. Some organisations need to store employee information that is not catered for by the default fields. When this happens, as standard in Poppulo Harmony, you can manage your Fields.

Note: Some fields can autocomplete, meaning that field values imported will appear in a selector throughout the system rather than the user having to type a text value. Fields that behave like this are marked with a star. User-added image

To Access the Fields Tab:

  1. In Enterprise, Select People from the menu on the left.
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  2. Select Fields from the sub menu.
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  3. From here you can Rename a Field, Create a Custom Field and Lock a Custom Field.


To Rename a Field:

  1. Click the Name of a data field.
    User-added image
  1. Enter your Custom Display Name and choose Save.
    User-added image
  1. The new Custom Display Name will appear, the original name of the field will still be viewable in grey. 
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To Create a Custom Field:

Note: Once you create a Custom Field, you cannot edit or delete the field.
  1. Click the New Field button
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  1. Enter a Name for your custom field and select a the data Type which will be stored within the custom field.
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    • Text holds both words and numbers.

    • Number holds only numerical values.

    • Date holds date format(ddmmyy, dd/mm/yy, dd/mm/yyy) 

    • Yes/No hold either yes or no. 

    • Selector creates a drop-down list of options specified by you.

  1. Click 'Save'. Your new Custom Field will appear under Custom Fields.


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To Lock a Custom Field:

Custom fields are not editable within Poppulo Harmony. Once you've finished using a custom field, there is no option to delete it, instead you will need to lock it.
  1. Click the Lock button under the Actions column. 
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  2. Enter a Reason for locking the field, then choose Lock Field. (Entering a reason is mandatory, to give other Poppulo Harmony users visibility.)
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  3. The locked Data Field will no longer appear as an option to populate during a data import. 

    Note: The process is the same to Unlock'a data field. The 'Lock' button will appear as 'Unlock'.


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