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Articles are what go into your Newsletter to break up your content. When working on your Newsletter, you can create as many new articles as you need. When you use sections to categorise your articles, it lets you choose what part of the newsletter your article will appear in. The sections location in the article will depend on the layout of your template. For example, at the top of your Newsletter you will see 'New Article(Feature Article)', the part in brackets, i.e. Feature Article, is the section your new article will appear in. You can Change the Section an Article Appears in at any time while editing your newsletter.

Each article you add consists of a Summary and Full Story area. Content entered into the summary of your article displays on the cover page of your newsletter. When readers click the 'Read More' link beneath the summary, they will be taken to the Full Story area. For this reason, you should always keep Summary text short and interesting so that your readers want to click through and read the bulk of the article. 'Read More' will not appear if the Full Story area is left blank. Use the instructions below to add an article to your newsletter. 

To Create a New Article in your Newsletter:

  1. Edit the Email you wish to add the Article to. 

  2. In the Newsletter Editor, click 'New Article (Local News)'.
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    Note: When clicking 'New Article", the part in brackets is the Section your article will appear in on your template. The Section names may differ based on your template.

  1. Enter a Title for your article. (You can also enter a Subtitle, Author and Date but these are not mandatory.)
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  • Title - The name of your Article. This title will also be used for reporting purposes.

  • Subtitle - Secondary text which will appear below the title in your newsletter.

  • Section - Where your article will appear in your newsletter. You can Change the Section Associated with an Article.

  • ​Order - You can assign the order of the articles within the section. You can also Reorder your Articles any time. 

  • Date - You can date your email. 

  • Status - Decide if the article is still a draft or approved which can be helpful if you you're coming back to your article at a later date. 

  • Author - Appears below the article on the cover page. Useful if the newsletter has multiple contributors. 

  • Social & Comments - Tick this box to Turn on Social Features. The ability to like or comment appears below the article. 

  1. Enter your Summary and Full Story. (Adding contents to the Full Story makes a 'Read More' option appear at the end of the article on the cover page.)
    Note: Do not include sensitive information in the Summary, as your newsletter cover page could be viewed externally if an employee forwards it outside of the organisation.

  2. You can also Insert a Placeholder Image.​
  1. ​Click 'Save' to add your article to the newsletter.

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