Why Can't I See Audiences in my Account?

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An Audience is a group of People that can receive the Emails you send from Poppulo. Advanced Audience Management, or Audiences, allow you to manage and control which emails an employee can receive from a particular Folder. When you Add an Audience to a Folder, only employees in that Audience can receive emails from the Folder. When you Import People you must Add People to an Audience in order for your employees to be able to receive emails.

The Audiences tab appears in the People area of your account. 
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Why Can't I See Audiences in my Account?

If the Audiences option is not visible to you, your account is set to use Simple Audience Management. Simple Audience Management is suitable for accounts where there is a single audience.

Simple Audience Management means:

  • You can send an email from any Folder to any active email address.

  • Employees are either active (can be sent emails) or inactive (cannot be sent emails).

  • If a reader clicks unsubscribe he/she will become inactive and will no longer receive emails from any Folders in the account.

  • You do not need to add People to an Audience when importing them.

  • You do not need to set an Audience for any new Folders.

If this is not the right setting for you, and you need to manage multiple Audiences in your account, contact Poppulo Support in order to switch to Advanced Audience Management.

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