What is Enterprise and its Sub-accounts?

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Poppulo Enterprise is an umbrella Poppulo Email & Feeds account run by Enterprise Administrators. Beneath an Enterprise are multiple Poppulo accounts, known as Sub-Accounts. 

Enterprise Administrators have complete visibility and insight into all activity in the Sub-Accounts beneath them.    

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A Sub-Account sits within an Enterprise, beneath the main Enterprise account. 

Sub-Account user has access to the Sub-Account but NOT the Enterprise account above. 

Sub-Accounts contain different communications relating to an area of the business or location.


The purpose of multiple Sub-Accounts is mainly for security. Also, to structure and organize different areas of the business.

This silos the accounts and ensures only the relevant people can access a Sub-Account and the information and data within it.

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Users may have access to more than one Sub-Account. Use the switcher under the Account Name to switch to another Sub-Account. 

Only those with access to multiple Sub-Accounts in their Enterprise can use the Switcher. 

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