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The Campaign Activity Report captures the effort expended during a Cross-Channel Campaign and shows you how many times you applied the campaign to your content. It covers the digital channel content created as well as content accessible to employees offline. This allows your Internal Comms team to learn what content and channel mixes work best, on a Campaign by Campaign basis. IC can then forecast the level of effort required to achieve a desired result, aiding in the effective allocation of resources to support your IC goals. You can also monitor IC Campaign activity across sub-accounts using the sub-account leaderboard. 

Use the instructions below to access the Campaign Activity Report for a particular Campaign.

Note: If you have Advanced reports, you can view the Campaigns dashboard in Advanced Multichannel Reports or Advanced Email Reports


To View a Campaign Activity Report:

  1. In the Plan area, select Campaigns.
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  2. Choose a Campaign from the list and click View Activity.
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  3. The Campaign Activity Report shows you the overall reach for your Campaign as well as all content the Campaign has been applied to.
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    Note: You'll notice the content type and number for content associated with the chosen Campaign. For example, there are 197 emails and 895 articles associated with the Campaign. 

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