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Metric Search lets you identify People based on reporting related data such as opens, clicks and survey results. You can use Search Criteria in a Metric Search to identify employees who aren't interacting with your emails. 

Follow the steps below to search for Non-Engaged People.


Search for Non-Engaged People:

  1. In the Reports area of your account, choose Metric Search from the menu on the left. 
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    Note: If you have Advanced reports, you will find this under Additional Reports.

  2. The search form will update to allow you to select available System Metrics. To see who didn't open a number of your recent emails, choose NOT from the first drop-down list and Opened Number of Emails from the 3rd drop-down. 
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  3. The search form will update to allow you to set the number of emails and the date range you want to search across​.
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    Note: The search example above will return all People who have opened 0 emails over the last 6 emails. You must input the number 0 rather than leaving a blank space if you want the results to display.

  4. Select the Search button to run your Metric search. The results will be displayed on the following page. 
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  5. You can then optionally Tag People using a Metric Search to Resend to People Who Did Not Open your communications.

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