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When you Add an Image to your article content using an Image using Placeholder the image will automatically resize to fit your template. You can also easily Crop an Image to the same aspect ratio, for visual conformity within your newsletter. 

User-added image

Use the instructions below to resize an image to the desired size.


Resizing your image manually:

  1. Add an Image within your content or Add an Image using Placeholders. Use the pencil edit icon to open the Image Editor. 

    User-added image

  2. Select the Resize option.

    User-added image

  1. You can resize your image by changing the Width and Height fields. By default the Width and Height will not be constrained to the same proportions; to do so you must click the lock icon to automatically resize height with width and and vice versa. To resize the values separately simply type in the desired values for width and height.

    User-added image


  2. Select Done to save the resized image.User-added imageNote: You can also select Revert to undo the Resize. 
  3. When you Add an Image within the Content Editor you can also manually change the size by selecting the image and dragging the corners to scale your image to the desired size.   

    User-added image

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