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If you have multiple Articles in an Email, you can reorder them to ensure important content is placed at the top, ensuring it's the first thing your readers will see. It's simple to reorder you articles in Poppulo!

It is important to note, when using Sections to categorise your Articles in an Email, Articles can only be moved within their Sections. You cannot change the Section of an Article by reordering. You can, however, Change the Section Associated with an Article while editing the Article. Reordering applies to reordering Articles within a Section only.

Example: An Article with order number 1 will not appear above your feature article. However, the same Article will appear at the top of the Section it is in.

To Reorder your Articles using Drag and Drop in Edit View:

  1. Open The Edit Email View.

  2. Hover over the Article Drag & Drop icon. Click and drag and drop the Article to a new position.
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    Note: You cannot Change the Section Associated with an Article, in your email, using this function. 


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