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An Audience is a permission given to a group of People in order to let them receive the Emails you send from the Poppulo Harmony Platform. Typically an entire organisation sends their emails to a single Audience and all emails sent are mandatory. In this case, Simple Audience Management is used. Simple Audience Management is the default in Poppulo Harmony. 

Simple Audience Management:

  • You can send an email from any Folder to any active email addresses in your People area.

  • Employees are either active (can be sent emails) or inactive (cannot be sent emails).

  • All Email are mandatory; a reader cannot unsubscribe or choose to stop receiving Poppulo Harmony emails. 

If an organization needs to manage more than one Audience, or would like to make some of the emails sent optional, Advanced Audience Management might be a better fit.

Audiences allow you to limit the access to Emails sent from a Folder to employees assigned to the right Audience. Audiences must be associated with a Folder as well as an employee email address or profile in order for that email to receive emails from that Folder. You will need to contact Poppulo Support or your CSM to discuss Advanced Audience Management.

Advanced Audience Management:

If you have Advanced Audience Management turned on in your account;
  • You need to Create an Audience (Only available to Account Administrators)

  • You must Add an Audience to a Folder in order for employees in an Audience to receive emails sent from that Folder.
  • You must Add People to an Audience in order for them to receive emails. (Employees must be added to at least 1 Audience or they will be marked as Inactive)

  • Employees will only receive an email if they are in an Audience associated with a Folder. 

  • A Folder can be associated with multiple Audiences. 

  • Some Emails can be optional; employees can unsubscribe or choose to stop receiving the Poppulo Harmony emails.  

  • A  Sign-up Form can be used to allow readers to choose the Audiences they'd like to be be part of - just Add the Audience to a Sign-up Form.


Create an Audience

  1. In the People area of your Account, choose Audiences from the menu on the left. 
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    Note: If you do not see the Audiences option, you are using Simple Audience Management.

  2. On the Audiences screen, select the New Audience button
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    User-added image
    Note: If you do not see the New Audience button your user role does not include this level of access.

  3. Enter a NameDisplay Title and Description for your Audience; then choose Save.
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    • The Audience Name is how you will identify this Audience within the system. It is visible within your account only, and is not seen by employees.

    • The Display Title is how this Audience will be described in your employee record, Subscribe and Unsubscribe page.

    • The Description is visible within your account only and is not seen by employees.

  4. Your new Audience will appear in your Audiences list. You can now Add People to an Audience and Add an Audience to a Folder
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Add an Audience to a Folder

  1. Access the Folder Settings for the Folder you'd like to add the Audience to. 

  2. In the Folder Summary, select the Edit Audiences button
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    Note: If you do not see the Audiences option, check the Enable Folder Audience checkbox. If this doesn't appear, you are using Simple Audience Management.

  3. Use the checkbox to add the Audience and choose Select.
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  4. Click Save in Folder Settings to complete the edit.
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Add People To an Audience

You can assign People to an Audience by either importing the employee data again or using Search to update them.


Use Import

Use Search


To Add People to an Audience using a Manual Import.

  1. Follow the instructions to Manually Import Employee Data and use the email addresses of the People you'd like to add to an Audience.​

  2. When you come to the Import People screen below, choose the Audience you'd like to add your People to in the Audiences dialog box. You must choose at least one Audience.
    User-added image

  Note: It is common to see an Audience here called "All" but this Audience does not automatically apply to all your Folders unless you Add the Audience to the Folder
  1. Select Import Now to complete the update/import of your People; you can verify this on the final screen or by going to Overview in the People area.
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To Add your People to an Audience using Search: 

  1. Run a Search to target the People you'd like to add to an Audience. 

  2. Use the checkboxes beside the employee Email Addresses to choose the ones you'd like to add to an audience, then select the Add to Audiences button.
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  3. Select the Audience(s) you wish to add your People to, then choose Save.
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Add an Audience to a Sign-up Form

When you Create a Sign-up Form with Advanced Audience Management enabled, you will need to select an Audience as part of the  Sign-Up Form Options. If you have an existing form and create a new audience, you can add the new audience to your sign-up form.
  1. Edit a Sign-up Form you want to add the Audience to and select General Form Settings

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  • Tick the checkbox beside the Audience you want to add.
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  • Click Save.

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