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A Hyperlink is a word, phrase or picture in a webpage that you click on to go to another place. Create a hyperlink to enable your readers to navigate between different documents, web pages or sections on the same page. Adding a hyperlink to text or an image allows your readers to click on it and jump to a new area of content - for instance, clicking on an image and then jumping to your intranet or an a relevant article. 

Inserting hyperlinks can be a brilliant way to limit the amount of text that appears on your page - allowing you to keep your message short and engaging, and giving your readers the chance to easily find more information if they want to. Use the Instructions below to create a hyperlink.

To Create a Hyperlink: 

  1. Open the Article you'd like to add your hyperlink to.

  2. In the editable content area, use your cursor to highlight the word, phrase or image that you want to add the link to.
    User-added image

  3. With your text or image highlighted, click on the Insert/Edit Link icon from the Editing Toolbar.
    User-added image

  1. In the Insert/Edit Link dialog box, complete the Link To drop-down field.
    User-added image

    Click one of the options below to view the instruction to create your hyperlink:

  2. Complete the Insert/Edit Link dialog box using the instructions for your chosen option above.

  3. Click 'Insert' to save and create the link. The text/image will now be a clickable hyperlink. 

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