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What is a Tag?

A Tag is a static group of employees. Creating a Tag and applying it to your People allows you to send targeted communications. Unlike Saved Searches, which are dynamic and based on your people data, Tags are static and can be used to send communications to employees based on criteria that's not recorded within Poppulo Harmony; for instance, all employees involved in a particular project like a sports-and-social group, or a follow-up for the attendees of an event.

Why use Tags?

Tags are particularly useful when you've been provided with a ad-hoc list or spreadsheet of employees that need to receive a particular message. This spreadsheet can be manually Imported into the Poppulo Harmony Platform, and a Tag can be applied during the import so that you can easily send communications to them. 

If you have a large amount of people to add to a tag, ideally you would Tag People During an Import (or Upload to a Tag with Poppulo Harmony Enterprise People). If you have a smaller number of easily searchable People in your account, that you would like to add to a tag, you can simply Search (or Metric Search) to locate them and manually add them them to a tag.

Choose a method for applying tags:

If you have Enterprise People management, you can also Upload to a Tag.

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