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Adding a Twitter feed to your emails can help drive traffic towards your social media accounts, and also keep your audience connected and informed about the latest goings on in your company.
Many Poppulo Harmony Templates come with the Twitter feed feature switched on and is visible in the The Edit Email View of your email, but if it isn't automatically accessible in your template, please follow the steps below to:
Then, you can learn how to:
Note: If the Twitter feed feature is not available in your Layout view and you would like it added to your communications, please contact Support.


Adding a Twitter Feed:

  1. Create or Edit an Email and select the Layout menu.
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  1. Select Features from the Layout menu; then drag the Feature twitter feed into your email layout.
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Editing a Twitter Feed:

  1. Select the pencil and paper Edit icon of your Twitter feed. 
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  1. In the Edit screen, make your adjustments as necessary, then select Save to update and save your preferences.
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  • Twitter Screen Name: The name of your Twitter account (No @ necessary).
  • Number of tweets: You can change the number of tweets shown in the email; 2 is the default.
  • Options: Choose whether or not to Show profile image to display your Twitter Profile image next to your Twitter Screen Name. (Note: This image is pulled directly from your Twitter account and is automatically rendered into a square icon.) You can also choose whether or not to show the Twitter Logo, which will display at the bottom of your Twitter feed. 
  • Show To: Choose your audience for your Twitter feed, including All viewers, All People (with no anonymous access), People matching a particular Saved Search and Only anonymous viewers.
Note: The tweets displayed are pulled from the "Tweets & replies" section of your Twitter account. The tweets shown within the email will be the last ones you sent at the point of sending the email and will not update in the recipients inbox, but they will be automatically updated in real-time in the Web Version of your email. 

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