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Activity Overview, accessed through the Enterprise Monitor gives Enterprise users insight into user engagement within their sub accounts including chart views and recent activity. 

To Access the Activity Overview:

  1. In Enterprise, choose Monitor from the menu on the left, then select Activity Overview from the submenu. 
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  1. The Activity Overview screen shows your user activity and engagement in 4 sections, click a section for more information.

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Recent Activity

The Recent Activity feed displays user activity, by user and by account.

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Note: Click on the email name, as above, for a preview of the microsite of the communication.

Send Activity

Send Activity allows you to view your the percentage of Sub-Accounts that have sent an approved email in the selected time period, in chart form.
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User Engagement

User Engagement shows the percentages for Sub-Account logins. The percentage is based on time periods for when a user logs into a sub account. 
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Send Volume

Send Volume shows the total number of emails sent from all your Sub-Accounts each month or over a 3, 6 or 12 month period. You can also see average number of emails sent per month.
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Note: Hover your mouse over any of the charts to see associated information on percentages and numbers.

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