A Quick Guide to Creating and Sending your First Mobile Post

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To get started with adding a post to your Poppulo Mobile app, follow the guide below. 


  1. Log into your Poppulo Account.

Manage your Employee Data

Note: Your account may have an automated sync set up already but if not, take a look at the steps below to upload your employee data.

  1. Gather the excel file holding employee data to upload. 

  2. Select People and then Import People

  3. Choose your file and upload. Then, click Next.

  4. Map your data to the correct Poppulo data fields.

Create your Post/Link

To create a post or link, choose the Create button in the Mobile Tab.
  • Choose ‘Post’ from the drop down menu to create content that your employees can read and engage with. 
  • Choose ‘Link’ from the drop down menu to include a link to content/video that has been created elsewhere.

Add Content to a Post

If you've Created a Mobile Post, it's time to add content. 
  1. Add a title to the post; this will be visible to employees scrolling through the app

  2. Add content to your post; this will be visible to employees once they click on the post. You can include video, Images, PDFs or hyperlinks.

  3. Choose whether the post is a regular post or a Feature Post. Featured posts highlight your important stories by featuring them at the top of your news feed. 
    Note: Featured posts show the first two lines of content when users are scrolling through the app. 

Add a URL to a Link

If you've Created a New Mobile Link, you can add the URL for that link. 
  1. Copy the URL from your web browser. 

  2. Paste this URL into the URL field. Poppulo will generate the thumbnail for you.

  3. Add a description to give employees an idea of where the link will take them. 

Before you Publish your Post/Link

Before you publish, consider the following:
  1. Do you want to turn off likes and/or comments? 

  2. Do you want to include a push notification?

  3. Do you want to assign to a Group or a Campaign

Publishing your Post/Link

  1. Select an Audience for your post. You can assign the post to a GroupSaved Search, or send to Everybody.

  2. Publish the post now, or schedule it to be sent at a time you specify.

  Please view the Poppulo Mobile FAQ for additional support.

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