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A/B Split Testing your email's subject line is a great way to boost engagement and increase the number of people opening your communication. You also gain valuable insights into what subject lines best capture your audience's attention.

What is A/B Split Testing? 

An A/B Split Test allows you to select up to three different subject lines for your communication and test to see which subject line gets the most opens and clicks. When sending your email, 20% of your readers will be randomly chosen to test your subject lines. (Example:  A third of the 20% will receive subject line A, the next third will receive subject line B and the final third will receive subject line C). After a set time, Poppulo Harmony Email will then send the communication to the remaining 80% of your audience, using the subject line that generated the highest engagement (opens and clicks) during the test. 


To use an A/B Split Test:

  1. Open the email you'd like to use for A/B Split Testing and start the Send Process.

  2. Choose who you'd like to send to and click Next.
    User-added image

  3. In Step 2 of the Send Wizard, under the Subject, select A/B Split Test.
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    Note: You need to be sending to at least 30 people in order to have the option to run an A/B Split Test.

  1. Use Remove Subject Line and Add Subject line to add or remove additional subject lines for your test and choose the A/B Split Test Duration.
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    Note: When setting the A/B Split Test Duration (this is the amount of time allowed to test the effectiveness of your subject lines before the main mailing to the remaining 80% of your audience is sent). Choosing a longer Test Duration allows your random test readers more time to open your email, providing more data on which is the most effective subject line.

  2. Click Next and complete your send.

  3. See Which Subject Line was most Effective

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