Why is my Open Rate over 100%?

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In some rare cases, the Overview Report can show an open rate of more than 100%. Fundamentally, your open rate cannot be more than 100% as this suggests more people opened your email than it was delivered to. 
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Note: The example above shows an email being delivered to 2,407 People, however, 2,543 People have opened the email. 

Your open rate can be over 100% if your mail server incorrectly reports mails as bounced when they have actually been delivered. 

The issue can look something like this:

  1. Email is sent from your Poppulo Harmony account.
  2. Email is delivered.
  3. Email is reported as bounced (an asynchronous bounce).
  4. Email is opened/clicked by your employees.
  5. Reporting shows email as bounced but clicks and opens have been registered for the email. 

This issue will need to be investigated with your IT team as the issue is likely with the mail server on your side. If the issue cannot be resolved, please contact the Poppulo Support Team. 

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