Why is my Email Clipping in Gmail?

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Emails that have a message size larger than 102 KB will clip in Gmail. You will see a ‘View entire message’ link where the clipping occurs, click it to access the full content of the email.
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Email messages are made up of underlying code. This includes text, full URLs and link tracking code, the HTML used to style your content, and more. Each letter or character of code is approximately 1 to 2 bytes. The total byte size of every character in the code creates the message size.

Isn’t 102 KB large enough to accommodate an email?
It doesn't take much to exceed 102 KB. HTML code, text, links and the tracking codes can easily make the email size larger than 102 KB. Also, media queries that are essential to make an email responsive can take up thousands of bytes, making what might appear to be a simple light email, heavy on code. 

Note: Gmail only takes HTML file size in consideration, images will not contribute to the size of your email.

Can Email Clipping be Fixed?

Unfortunately, there isn't a direct fix for emails clipping in Gmail. This is Gmail email client issue and is not  an issue with your Poppulo Harmony template. Although there is no fix, try some of the workarounds and recommendations  below to mitigate the issue.  


  1. Use a one column instead of a two column template to reduce the overall weight of the HTML.

  2. Use short, snappy introductions that grab the attention of the reader on the cover page - you want to entice readers to engage with your content and click on calls to action or Read More Link Text. This will lead readers to your back page or intranet site, where the bulk of your content is.

  3. Limit your email to one core message. Content creators often target a large audience through a single email - if Gmail is the majority share email client and you want to avoid clipping, keep your emails short and concise.

  4. Add a “View in Browser” link at the top of your email. Gmail cannot control the Web version of an email allowing your readers view the entire email online.

  5. Do not use the same subject line for multiple emails. Gmail will combine these emails  into a thread, making the message larger than 102 kB, even though the single message is not.

  6. If you Copy, Paste and Cut Content from a website or word processor, be sure to Remove Formatting. Content copied over may contain additional formatting code. 

  7. Consider changing the email client used by your employees to receive emails, however, this workaround should only be considered if the workarounds above are unfruitful. 

  8. If you Clone an Email, make sure you don't include Articles if you do not need any of the existing content, or alternatively make sure you Delete Permanently if you remove an Article from the Cover Page of your email. 

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