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Using your archive is a great way to let your readers look back over previous emails without searching their inboxes. "Archive" is basically the name given to a list of past emails within a Folder. Some Newsletter template designs include a link to this Archive, allowing your People to click through and view the ​list. Use the instructions below to see an example of viewing an Archive. 

Note: Your Archive is not an accessible area of Poppulo Harmony. It is a list of past emails, for a Folder, viewable by employees receiving your Newsletters. If an Archive link does not appear on your Newsletter, your template may not be set up to support one. Contact Poppulo Support or your CSM for more information. 

To View the Archive:

  1. Click the Archive link on Cover Page of an Email.
    User-added image
    Note: This link may appear in a different location, depending on the layout of your template.

  2. Below is the Archive, a list of past Emails for that Folder. Use the Search box to locate the desired Email. 
    User-added image
    Note: You can choose to include your Newsletter in the Archive when you Create a New Email. You can also Add or Remove an Email from your Archive at any time. 

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