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Send for Review lets you send a draft version of your email to your team, manager or other stakeholders so you can capture feedback and/or approval. Take a look below to gain insight into what a Reviewer, receiving your test Email, will see.

What your Reviewers will See:

Each member of your Reviewer Group will receive your Email in their inbox with a light blue box at the top explaining what they can do; Reviewers can either Review & Give Feedback in the form of comments, or Approve Review-Email, which approves the email.
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To Leave a Comment or Approve Review-Email:

When the Reviewer clicks an option in the inbox, they'll be taken to a Microsite. Here the email can be approved or they can add a comment. 
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Note: If a reviewer submits a comment you can View Reviewer Feedback in the edit view of the email. 


A Closed Review:

If your reviewer waits too long to submit feedback, the sender may Close the Review. You can not submit feedback or approve a closed review but a review can be Reopened
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