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When editing your Email, you will use what's known as an Editable Content Area. When editing Rich Text areas of your Emails, you'll use the Content Editor Toolbar. In addition to the basics of adding text and image content to your Emails, the Content Editor includes some handy features that will help make valuable and engaging content. 

What is the Content Editor? 

The Content Editor is what allows you to format text and images in your Emails and define the content which appears in your Newsletters and Flyers; your Summary and Full Story in an Article for example. 
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What can I do with the Content Editor Toolbar?

The Content Editor Toolbar gives you complete control over how content appears in Rich Text Areas and Articles. The Content Editor Toolbar allows you to:   

How can I access the Content Editor?

  1. Click the pencil and paper edit icon on a Rich Text Area in your Email.User-added image

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  2. The edit screen will open with the Content Editor Toolbar at the top, giving you full control to make you your changes to the text formatting. 

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  3. Alternatively, when you Create an Article or Edit an Article, the Content Editor Toolbar will appear above the Summary and Full Story sections.
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