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In Poppulo Harmony, the Email Address is the unique identifier for People, which means you cannot update or duplicate email addresses in the Poppulo Harmony system. When using Employee ID as the unique identifier, email addresses can be changed when importing. There are a several reasons to change an email address:

  • Email address was imported with an error or spelling mistake.
  • Name changes; people changing their surnames after they get married for example.
  • New email address due to company mergers and acquisitions. 
​The purpose of this feature is to allow email addresses to be changed. Multiple email addresses for one person is not supported.

Note: The Employee ID as the unique identifier feature is turned off by default but can be enabled, if required, by contacting the Poppulo Support Team or your CSM. 


To Use the Employee ID as Unique Identifier feature:

With the feature activated, you will see changes in the import wizard. It's important to note, the Employee Number field will be hidden and no longer available as the Employee ID field will replace it. 

  1. Prepare your file, as below, including Employee ID. 
    User-added image
    Note: When the feature is active, your employee data will still import even if the file doesn't include an Employee ID column, or if the Employee ID column fields are empty. However, if the field is left empty, any existing Employee ID already imported into Poppulo Harmony will be erased. 

  2. Import People (or update them).
    User-added image
    Note: An information message will appear (as above) advising you that the option to import using Employee ID as the unique identifier for People is available. 

  3. When the import is complete, email addresses in your import will be changed/updated and Employee ID will be the Unique Identifier for your People.

    Note: In order for this feature to work with the "Reports to" Feature, the Manager ID option must be used when building the hierarchy, not Manager Email.

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