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The Layout View is found at the top of your screen when you edit or preview an email. The Layout view lets you manage the components in your emails (adding a two column article instead of a single article, for example, or even custom components if included in your template). Access the layout view by selecting the Layout button when editing an email.
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Note: This view is only available for users with the User Role Editor.

When in the Layout view, you can choose between the Cover Page and Article Page from the menu on the left.
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From there, you can add pre-built Drag & Drop components to your email. 
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Note: Editing the Article Page will effect the microsite back-page for any articles you've added to your Newsletter. 

The Layout allows you to:

Select any of the above to jump to an explanation of each.


To Add a Component to your Email:

  1. Choose a Drag & Drop component. The Content component, for example, contains elements such as intro text and article layouts. 
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  2. Drag and Drop your element into your email. It will now be added to your template. 
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To Drag and Drop a Component:

  1. The 6 dot Drag & Drop icon indicates an element that can be dragged and dropped in your template.
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  2. Click and hold the bar on top of a component, then move your component to the desired location in your email. 
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To Delete a Component in your Email:

  1. Select the delete icon (the bin icon) on the component you wish to delete.
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  2. Choose Remove to delete the component.
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To Show or Hide a Section Icon or Title:

  1. At the top of your section you'll see the Show and Hide toggle (the eye icon). If a crossed-out-eye icon is displayed in your Template, it will not be visible in the Edit area of your email. 
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  2. Select the icon to display (and subsequently edit) the section in the Edit area of your email. The following gif displays the difference between hiding and unhiding the section.
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To Reset your Layout:

  1. In the top left corner of the layout view, under the email title, select the Reset button. This will reset your layout to its original state. 
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    Note: Toggles set to display or hide section titles and icons will not reset. 

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