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People in your Poppulo account can become inactive during a routine data cleanup, due to Emails Bouncing, when removed by an Administrator or if the employee opts out. Inactive People will not receive your communications and will need to be reactivated before they can receive emails again. For employees that have opted out, they will need to opt back in, otherwise you can forward their written request to Poppulo Support.

Reactivate the People that have been made inactive by the Admin or the Bounce Manager. Use the instructions below to target these employees.

To Target your Unsubscribed People:

  1. Go to the People area and click 'Search'.
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  2. Run a Search to target the People you would like to reactivate. Uncheck the Show Only Active Poeple checkbox, then click 'Search'
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    Note: Use the search criteria above to view ALL inactive People.

  3. On the results screen you'll see the employee(s) you'd like to reactivate, Download a List of People. (Alternatively, you can just take note of the email addresses.)
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    Note: You can Add Display Columns to view the inactive reason in your results.

  4. You can now Reactivate your People if you wish.

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