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Sign-up forms are great for collecting information (For example, to confirm which communications they wish to receive, social club updates, etc...). 
Below is a list of the Sign-up Form Edit Options. When you Create a Sign-up Form or Edit a Sign-up Form, you'll find the edit options on the left.

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Sign-Up Form Options:

Click an option below to view the options available for editing your Sign-up form. 

Edit the Layout area of your Sign-Up Form:

  1. You will see an option to the right of each field in your form to Edit or Delete it. 
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    By clicking Delete, the field can be removed from the form. A confirmation message appears to confirm your selection.  
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  1. If you choose to Edit a field, a window will appear with options to change the field; the Field Name, Label and Description.
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  1. To change the order of the fields on the form, hoover over the field you want to move. Then, click and drag into a new position. 
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  2. Along the top of the sign-up form there are a number of different options available for adding to or editing the sign-up form. See table below for options

    User-added image   Field -  In the label field, insert the title as it should display on the form.
    User-added image   There are currently two field groups available to select, Full Name (First Name & Last Name) and Full Address (Address 1,2 & 3).
    In the label field type what you want this field group to be called on the form.
    User-added image   This option allows you to name an area to contain specific fields.
    Once a new fieldset is added different fields can be dropped into this fieldset area.
    User-added image   This area allows you to create fields for Audiences and Tags. Using these options, employees will determine the audiences or the tags that they are added to.
    Select the Field Type you wish to add and then update the label with how these options should be presented to employees.
    User-added image   This option allows you to add a block of text to the sign-up form.
    Like any other field in the form it can be moved and dropped to change where it appears.
    User-added image   This option allows you to determine whether the field labels appear above the fields or to the right of the fields .
    User-added image   This option allows you to reset the form to revert any changes made. There are two options available when resetting the form.
    Basic Form – this version of the form has fields for Email Address, First Name and Last Name.
    Detailed Form – this reverts back to the detailed long version of the form.

General Form Settings of a Sign-up form:

  1. Here you can edit or assign a Folder(s) to the sign-up form - Folders are grouped by the Audiences they are assigned to. You are required to set which Folder(s) are associated with the sign-up form during the initial set up. The option to set Default Sender Information is located under the Audience options. This dictates where any emails related to the sign-up form will be sent from. 
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    Note: This will automatically take the default sender information for the Folder associated with the sign-up form (as set in the admin area).


New People for a Sign-up form:

  1. These are the settings that will effect any new People. The option to set Double Opt-In for new People is available here. This means that once the new employee completes the sign-up form they will receive an email requiring them to click on a link to confirm their subscription.

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  1. The next group of options is what happens After a new Person completes the Sign-up Form You can select your preference from the below four options:User-added image
  • Display Screen Message.
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There are two default messages set here. You can change the message that appears by selecting the Edit button.

Short Version: This is the message that the subscriber sees after filling out the 'Short Version' of the sign-up form. As they are presented with the Update Profile form at this point, the message should imply that they are signed up but if they would like to provide more information this is their opportunity.

Long Version: This is the message that is displayed after the subscriber fills out the 'Long Version' of the subscribe box. At this point the person is subscribed to the newsletter. The message is displayed on a blank page of the Folder that is associated with the sign-up form.

  • Go to a specific email

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Choosing this option allows you to send a specific email once the person has filled in the sign-up form. First select the Folder and then select either the latest published email or a specific email.
  • Go to specific page

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This option allows you to send a specific web page once they have completed the sign-up form.
  • Go to sign-up form

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This option allows you to send another sign-up form. This can be used if you require further information or would like to encourage the new Person to sign up to another Folder.
  1. The Additional Options allow you to decide if the subscriber receives a welcome email and if you want to automatically send new People an email from the selected Folder. If you select either of these options you can then set the details of the welcome message or the details of the email to send. User-added image
  1. Add Tags and Set Field: Here you can set what Tags new people are added to when they complete the sign-up form. By default a tag called - SIGN UP FORM NAME followed by self subscriber, will be applied to any new People. The tag can be changed here. You can also choose to set a particular field for all new People that fill out the sign-up form.
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Updating People for a Sign-up form:

These are the settings that will apply to any People updating their profile.

Email confirmation: This is the option to send an email to any People that is updating their details to confirm their actions.
This is to ensure that the updated information is associated with the correct person. Existing People won't be able to access the update profile form unless they click on the link in their email to confirm their email address.

If this option is selected then the Confirmation Message will appear on the update profile page. When the person submits their email address the Confirmation Message appears on screen. Then the Confirmation Email is sent and, once the person clicks on the confirmation link, that form opens for the person to complete.
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The option to edit what a subscriber sees when they complete the sign-up process appears below this. The options are the same options available for a new person.

Additional options here allow you to set whether the subscribers receives an email message and if you want to automatically send updated People an issue of the newsletter. If you select either of these options you'll need to set the details of the message to send. You can also set the tags applied to People that update their records or set a particular field for all updating their information.


 Export Options

In the export options section you can set the Tag applied to People that complete forms exported to your website. You can also set a selected field to a particular value, when an employee completes the form, and export it to your website. 
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Notification Settings of a Sign-Up Form:

This option allows you to set an email address to receive notifications when someone completes the sign-up form, updates their profile or opts-out using the sign-up form.

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Once you are finished editing your sign-up form, save all changes by selecting Save.

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