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The Send for Review feature allows you to send a draft version of your email to your team, manager or other stakeholders, and capture feedback and/or approval from them. Any feedback is stored within the system, allowing you to easily spot and make changes to your email. To send an Email for Test & Review, follow the steps below. 

To Send an Email for Review

  1. Edit the Email you want to send for review. 

  2. In the Send drop-down, click 'Send for Review'. 
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    Note: Your email must be in draft to use the Send for Review feature.


  1. Choose your Reviewer Group in the To drop-down. Then, click 'Next'
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  • If you've not yet created a Reviewer Group, you'll see a Setup Reviewers button instead.

  • Alternatively, you can click Manage to the right of the Reviewer Group to add or remove someone to an existing group.


  1. Choose your Subject Line for the email and click 'Next'.
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  • The subject will show TEST EMAIL / FOR REVIEW by default, to indicate to reviewers that this is a test email (and not a live send to all employees).

  • A banner is also added to the top of the test email in order to indicate that it is for review. This banner also contains instructions on how the review process will work.


  1. Confirm your Sender Details and click 'Next'.
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  2. Check Your Reviewer Options and click 'Next'
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  • Review Process Instructions - A default message is displayed, but you can replace this with text of your choosing. 

  • Privacy - Select if reviewer comments are visible to other reviewers using the check-box below the instructions. 

  • Notifications - Select if you'd like to receive notifications when someone either posts a comment or approves the email. Choose an email address in the To field. 


  1. Review your Send Details and click 'Send for Review' to complete the send. 

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