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The "Reports to" Feature lets you create lists and target People based on who they report to in your organisation. The feature is also useful when doing a data clean up. Before you can search for People using the feature, you will need to configure your data with an import/update using either Employee ID or Email Address. Using this information, Poppulo will automatically build a Hierarchy for your organisation.

You can target People based on who they report to using the instructions below. 

To Search for People using the "Reports to" Feature:

  1. Run a Search

  2. Search for a manager's email address and choose 'Reports to' and 'Direct Reports to Manager' as your Criteria. 

    User-added image
    Note: You can include the manager in your search results using the checkbox.

    • Direct Reports to Manager: This will return all employees directly reporting to a manager. 
    • All Employees reporting to Manager: Suitable for organisations with multiple levels in the Hierarchy. This will return all employees reporting to a manager and the direct reports of managers reporting to that manager.

  3. View you results. 

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