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One great thing about Poppulo Reporting is that it allows you to understand the activity of different segments.

You can also, for example, extract employee activity data, and process this offline - to see what segments clicked or opened your communications.

In the sample below for example, you can click the numbers in blue to understand which People were sent the email, or which segments opened the email, etc. This is possible in various Poppulo report types (Click Map ReportsPlatform ReportsEngagement Reports)

User-added image

You may however need to hide this information for data privacy or compliance reasons. To cover this, Poppulo Email includes certain privacy and anonymity settings which restrict access to activity information.


To Restrict Access to Employee Information:

To restrict access to employee activity or reporting data, you can either:

  • Configure user-level settings - So that only certain trusted users have access to activity data or reports. This can be done yourself by assigning a relevant User role type to trusted users. Or you can contact Poppulo Support for assistance.

  • Configure an account-level setting - So that no users of any trust level have access to activity data in reports. This can be done by Poppulo Support, by enabling the “restrict access to information” setting at the account-level.

In the example below, users cannot drill down to view or extract granular activity information.
User-added image

It's important to note, with this account-level setting enabled, the following changes will occur in your account:

  • Survey responses are treated as anonymous surveys when you View your Survey Results (answers are not linked to particular employees).

  • Activity will not be available in Search Results.

  • ​Users cannot Run a Metric Search (to for example do targeted resends to non-openers) and the Metric Search option will be removed from the Reports Tab.

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