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Using your archive is a great way to let your readers look back over previous emails in a Folderwithout searching their inboxes. Readers can simply click through to View the Archive. You can choose to include your Newsletter in the Archive when you Create a New Email or follow instructions to Add an Email to your Archive. You may wish to exclude an email from the Archive if, for example, the email is intended for only a segment of your usual audience or if the content is particularly sensitive. 

Note: Your Archive is not an accessible area of Poppulo. It is a list of past emails, for a Folder, viewable by People receiving your Newsletters. If an Archive link does not appear on your Newsletter, your template may not be set up to support one. Contact Poppulo Support or your CSM for more information.

When removing an Email from the Archive, you will need to update Archive settings in the intended Email and then republish that Email. This will ensure the Email doesn't appear in the Archive for any new Emails created in the Folder going forward. For older Emails, in the Folder, intended for resend you will need to be Republish these also to ensure the original Email is not appearing in the Archive. Use the instructions below to remove Emails from your archive. 


To Remove an Existing Email in your Archive:

  1. While you Edit the Email, go to the Settings gear icon and select Email Settings.
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  2. In Email Settings, uncheck the Include in Past Emails list checkbox, then choose Save.
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  • Checked - When created, the email will be available in the Archive for its Folder. 

  • Unchecked - When created, the email will not be available in the Archive for its Folder.

  1. Navigate to the More drop-down and click Republish, then click Yes, Republish.
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    Note: You must Republish the Email for the change to take effect. (Any new emails created in the Folder will have this Email excluded in the Archive)

  2. For Emails intended for resend in your Folder, you will need to Republish your Emails before sending, to update the Archive.

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