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If you're doing a data cleanup, imported the wrong data or an employee leaves your business, you may need to deactivate the employees. Poppulo Harmony lets you Deactivate People in Bulk or one at a time using the instructions below. 

Note: Deactivating a Person in Poppulo Harmony does not remove them. If you do wish to permanently remove a person, please contact Poppulo Support; we don't advise this as once a person is removed, all associated data will be removed including reporting data.

To Deactivate People:

  1. Run a Search to target your People. 

  2. When viewing your list of People, choose the one you'd like to deactivate, then click Deactivate
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  3. Click Deactivate

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  4. The employee will be marked as inactive, will no longer receive emails and will not appear in your search results.

    Note: You can Reactivate your People after they've been deactivated. 

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