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When Importing Email Addresses you might import incorrect data, or perhaps you need to do a data cleanup. You can Deactivate People one by one in Poppulo or deactivate People in bulk using the instructions below.

Learn how to:

Note: Deactivating a Person in Poppulo Harmony does not remove them. If you do wish to permanently remove a person, please contact Poppulo Support. We don't advise this as, once a person is removed, all associated data will be removed including reporting data.


To Deactivate People in Bulk using a Search:

  1. Run a Search to target the employees you'd like to deactivate. 

  2. When viewing your list of People, use the check boxes to choose those you'd like to deactivate; then select Fields
    User-added image


  3. In the Edit Fields window, choose the field Status from the first drop-down and set it to Inactive in the second drop-down. Then choose Save.

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  4. The People will be marked as Inactive and will no longer appear in your search results.

    Note: You can Reactivate your People



To Deactivate People in Bulk using an Import:

  1. Prepare the spreadsheet containing the People you'd like to deactivate. 
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    Note: To deactivate an employee you will need their Email Address, the Status and the Inactive Reason, as above. You can use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to create the spreadsheet, then Save As/Download as a .csv file for Importing. 


  2. Manually Import your Employees in Bulk

  3. After a successful update, the People will be marked as Inactive. You can view the Inactive People on your Overview screen in the People area of your account; simply click on the highlighted numbers in each section to see the list.
    User-added image


  4. As viewed by selecting the Updated column in the Recent Imports section.
    User-added image
    As viewed by accessing the Deactivated by Admin row in the People Summary section.
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To Deactivate People in Bulk without a list of individual names:

Sometimes, especially with a large user base, you might not know exactly who you need to deactivate.

The easiest way around this is to deactivate everyone and then upload an updated spreadsheet, using the Advanced Option of "Who were previously deactivated by an Administrator", ensuring those who are not included in the new spreadsheet will be marked inactive and everyone else will be reactivated. Follow the steps below to deactivate People in bulk and then reactivate your current employees.

Note: You will need an updated spreadsheet with your employee data in order to do this.

  1. Run a Search to target all employees.
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    Or find the Tag  those employees are grouped in.
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  2. When viewing your list of People, scroll to the bottom and choose Select: All to select everyone on the list; then select Fields
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  3. Choose the field Status and set it to Inactive. Then Save. All the People you selected will be marked as inactive.

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  4. In order to Reactivate your People (excluding those not included in your new file), go to the People area in your account and choose Overview from the menu on the left.
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    Then, select Import People.
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  5. Choose your new file, and in the Advanced Options - Reactivate Panel, select the checkbox for Who were previously deactivated by an Administrator.

    User-added image

  6. Go through the rest of the Import process as normal. This will reactivate those who have previously been deactivated; those not in the new file will stay deactivated.

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