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Outcome Surveys enable Internal Communicators to move beyond output metrics like page views and average time on page. For the first time you can quantify and report on the impact of your work - the change in attitude, awareness, knowledge or behavior among employees as a direct result of a communicator's efforts.

How Does it Work?

  • First, send a Pulse Survey to a random sample of your employees to capture a baseline of the current level of employee attitude, knowledge or awareness around a topic.

  • Next, run your campaign on the topic. Send Pulse surveys during your campaign to track the impact of your campaign. 

  • Once the campaign is complete, send a a final pulse survey to a different random sample to measure the outcome of your campaign.

  • View the results of your surveys over time to show the impact of your campaign. A successful campaign will see a positive change in your employees' attitude, knowledge or awareness around a topic.

The steps below will outline the end to end process for using Outcome Surveys. It's important to note, the baseline Pulse Survey should run before your campaign, and the outcome Pulse Survey should run once your campaign is complete.  

To Create an Outcome Survey:

  1. Go to the Plan area. 

  2. Choose a Campaign and click 'Outcome Survey'

    User-added image
    Note: You may need to Create a new Campaign.

  3. Click 'Get Started'.
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  4. Add a Survey Title.
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    Note: A preview of your survey will appear on the right. 

  5. Click 'Add question'.
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    Note: A survey must contain at least 1 question.

  6. Enter a Question and Question type.
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    Note: Click 'Add question' to add additional questions. 

  7. Click 'Save and Continue'.

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  8. Before Starting your first Pulse Survey, click 'Manage exclusions'.  
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    Note: Manage Exclusions lets you add up to 50 email addresses from your Campaign Audience, you would NOT like to receive the survey, the CEO or Campaign organisers for example. 

  9. Click 'Start Pulse Check'.

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    Note: Click 'edit the questions' to make changes to your survey questions, this cannot be changed once you start the pulse survey.

  10. Your Pulse Survey is live, hover your mouse over 'View Actions'.
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  11. Choose and option for your Pulse Survey. 
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    • Send Email - Lets you decide the From Email, From Name, Subject Line and Text your employees will receive for the survey.
    • Copy Survey Link - Copy the link to manually distribute your survey.
    • Stop the Pulse Check - This closes the Pulse Survey.
  1. When you've sent your baseline Pulse Survey, results will appear under Survey Results. Close the survey (using the step above) when when you have collected enough responses. 
    User-added image
    Note: A Pulse Survey cannot be reopened once closed.

  2. With your Campaign running across your various channels, click 'Start Pulse Check' to send any additional Pulse Surveys to track the impact of your ongoing Campaign. When your Campaign is complete, send a final outcome Pulse Survey. 
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    Note: Repeat Steps 9-12 for additional Pulse Surveys. You can send any number of Pulse surveys during your campaign, to track the impact over time.

  3. When your outcome Pulse Survey has collected enough response, click 'Finish Outcome Survey'

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    Note: You must send at least 2 Pulse Surveys before finishing your Outcome Survey. 

  4. Click 'Complete Survey'.
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  5. Your Outcome Survey process is complete.
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    Note: You cannot send any additional surveys for the Campaign, the Outcome Survey is closed. 

  6. Take a look at the Survey Results to see the results of your Pulse Surveys and the impact of your campaign over time. Download the graph as an Image or PDF to use externally. 
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