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The Poppulo Analytics Intranet Channel view gives you a high-level look at how your employees are behaving on your Intranet (Sharepoint). You can filter the reports on your Intranet Channel; Filter by Campaign or by Date.
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Note: You can Filter by Channel to view your Cross-Channel or Email Channel.

When you choose the Intranet channel, you'll find 4 reports on the screen:  

Intranet Overview

The Intranet Overview gives you a high-level look at how employees are behaving on the the Intranet Channel. Choose the Overview Report on the left.
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Note: You can Download the Infographics on the Overview Report.

Channel Trend Graph
The Channel Trend Graph is a a fully interactive, visual representation of how your Intranet Content is performing over time.
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Reach Graph
The Reach graph gives you insight into your overall reach on your Intranet Channel.
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Detailed Metrics
The Detailed Metrics are a numerical representation for how your Intranet Content is performing, using key Intranet metrics. 

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  • Metric Name - The name of the Metric being reported on.
  • Metric Number - The total value for this Metric.
  • Trend Information - The % performance of this metric against the last period. 
  • - Gives additional helpful information. 

Intranet Employee Reach

The Employee Reach Report gives you great insight into the percentage of your employee audience that is consuming your Intranet content. Use the Segment drop-down to see the reach for Fields such as Department or Country. Filter by Campaign or by Date, you can also switch to the Email or Cross-Channel and view this report. 
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Note: You can Export the Employee Reach Table Report.

Intranet Employee Engagement

The Employee Engagement Report allows you break down your data. The Segment Analysis table displays your chosen Segment Values across three Top Metrics: VisitorsPage Views, and Avg. Reading Time. For example, if you choose Business Units as your Segment, you will see how each Unit performed in terms of the 3 Top Metrics. You can also Filter by Campaign or by Date, you can even switch to the Cross-Channel or Email Channel and view this report. 
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Note: You can Export the Employee Engagement Table Report.

Intranet Pages

The Content Report lets you drill into the performance of particular Intranet pages on your Sharepoint, showing Page Views and Avg. Reading Time.
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Note: You can Export the Content Table Report.

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