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Poppulo Analytics gives you a consolidated, global view of IC performance across your Email and Intranet. This Cross Channel view will help you understand the reach and impact of your communications across your entire organisation, and provide you with a clear picture of how effective your communications are across your primary digital channels. 

Poppulo Analytics will gather data for all Emails sent from your Poppulo Harmony account, for any Sharepoint content on a site collection where Analytics has been deployed. Use a Cross Channel Campaign to target particular Poppulo Harmony Email and SharePoint Intranet content, then use Cross Channel Reporting for a consolidated global view of how your content is performing. 

Access Poppulo Analytics to view your Cross Channel Reporting and to Create Cross Channel Campaigns. 


Cross-Channel Reporting

Poppulo Analytics offers reporting for your Intranet, Email and Social Channels. Analyse individual channels to improve channel effectiveness or use the Cross-Channels view for a collated look at your Intranet and Email metrics. Choose a Channel tab to get started. 
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The Email and Intranet Channels include a Channel Trend graph in the Dashboard/Overview where we report on the top metrics; Visitors, Page Views and Avg. Time on Page. Poppulo Analytics has several other metrics available to you depending on the channel. Use these reports for an overview of your metrics, to see the overall reach of your Channels, to analyse different audience segments and the for insight into the top content. 

Cross Channel Campaigns

Create Cross-Channel Campaigns for important initiatives, and then measure your content across channels for a consolidated view of overall performance. 
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Add the Campaign, then track content on your employee emails, social activity, and your Intranet. Set the campaign duration and specify the audience to make your campaigns more targeted.
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Note: If "Everybody" does not appear as an Audience option, it may be turned off in your Sub Account by your Enterprise Admin.

Once your Campaign is created and associated with Poppulo Harmony Emails (during a new step in the send wizard), with your (Sharepoint) Intranet Content, you can view the Cross-Channel Reporting and monitor the Campaign's performance.
  • Filter by Campaign to see how particular Campaigns perform with all employees, or particular employee groups. Understand which employees engage most with campaigns, the overall reach of the Campaign and which Channel was most effective; helping you to better target your content.
  • Filter by Date to gain an insight into your metrics and see if spikes in engagement match events or a significant push in your initiatives. 
  • Filter by Channel to analyse your Email or Intranet Channel with a view to increasing effectiveness. 
  • View a Campaign Activity Report to see an overview of campaign reach and the content associated with the campaign.

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