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The Poppulo Analytics Email Channel view gives you a high-level look at how your employees are behaving on your Emails. You can filter the reports on your Email Channel; Filter by Campaign or by Date.
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Note: You can Filter by Channel to view your Cross-ChannelIntranet Channel or Social Channel.

When you choose the Email Channel, you'll find 5 reports on the left of the screen:  

Email Overview

The Email Overview gives you a high-level look at how employees are behaving on the the Email Channel. Choose the Overview Report on the left.
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Note: You can Download the Infographics on the Overview Report.

Email Overview
The Channel Overview gives you a quick look at the Opens & Clicks for the Email channel, it also includes the Emails Delivered as well as the trend information.
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Channel Trend Graph
The Channel Trend Graph is a a fully interactive, visual representation of how your Email Content is performing over time.
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Reach Graph
The Reach graph gives you insight into your overall reach for your Emails.
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Detailed Metrics
The Detailed Metrics are the numerical representation for how your Email Content is performing for Content Views and Avg. Reading Time.

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  • Metric Name - The name of the Metric being reported on.
  • Metric Number - The total value for this Metric.
  • Trend Information - The % performance of this metric against the last period. 
  • - Gives additional helpful information. 

Top Articles
The Top Articles chart shows you the top 3 articles based on Content Views. Click View Articles Report to move to the Email Articles Report
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Email Mailings

The Mailing Report shows you the progress of sends in real time as well as detailed reporting for each individual send. Filter by Campaign or Filter by Date, you can also choose multiple emails to compare.

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Note: In order to provide you with the most valuable insights we've updated the way we process your emails' data. These enhancements will be accessible starting from the 1st of January 2020 in the new All Emails tab. The All Mailings tab will remain accessible for now but will only work for the items sent before that date. If you have any doubt or concerns about this update, feel free to contact us.

All Emails Report
Under All Emails you can search for a particular email, choose multiple emails to compare and limit the the send range. Click View Report for detailed email metrics on a specific email. User-added image
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Sends Today Report
At the top choose Sends Today. Roll your mouse over to see detailed metrics for the send, otherwise you'll see a progress bar.
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Email Employee Reach

The Employee Reach Report gives you great insight into the percentage of your employee audience that is consuming your Email content. Use the Segment drop-down to see the reach for Fields such as Country, or Department and take a look at the Visitors and Non-Visitors. You can also Filter by Campaign or by Date, you can even switch to the Cross-Channel or Intranet Channel and view this report. 
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Note: You can Export the Employee Reach Table Report.

Email Employee Engagement

The Employee Engagement Report allows you break down your data. The Segment Analysis table displays your chosen Segment Values against top email metrics including Opens and Clicks. For example, if you choose Departments as your Segment, you will see how each department performed. You can also Filter by Campaign or by Date, you can even switch to Cross-Channel or Intranet Channel and view this report. 
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Note: You can Export the Employee Engagement Table Report.

Email Articles

The Content Report lets you drill into the performance of particular articles in your Emails with regards Content Views and Avg. Reading Time.
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Note: You can Export the Content Table Report.

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