Moving a Draft Email Between Folders

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If you've created a draft email and realize afterwards that you've put it in the wrong folder, don't panic! You can move your unpublished email from one folder to another or even create a new folder to place your email into. Use the instructions below to move an email from one folder to another. 

Note: You cannot move a live Email from one folder to another as live Emails are linked with a Folder's reporting. You can, however, Create a Clone of an Existing Email and place into another Folder. 

To Move an Email: 

  1. From the Home area, click the 3-dot icon, then choose 'Move'.
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    Note: Alternatively, locate the Folder/Email in the Comms, then select 'Move' from the 'Actions' drop-down.

  2. Choose an existing Folder to move the email to or a new Folder.
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  3. Click 'Move' to move the email. 
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