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Within Poppulo Harmony, the contacts that you send communications to are called People. The Employee data for these People (e.g. their first name, surname, location, role etc...) are stored within Poppulo Harmony in what's known as Fields (Data Fields). 

The Poppulo Harmony platform features a number of integrations solutions that allow you to pull employee data directly from your internal systems, including HR systems, Active Directory etc... These integrations keep your data up-to-date (for instance, whenever a new person is added or removed from your internal system, they'll be added or removed from your Poppulo Harmony database too). Our Technical Team can help with this during account set up. 

If you are not using an integrated solution, Poppulo Harmony also features a manual solution for importing employee data into your account, allowing you to manage your People.
You can Manually Import Employee Email Addresses or import your People in bulk using a spreadsheet file using the instructions below. 


To Manually Import Employees using Spreadsheet or other File:

Using this method allows you to upload a file (.txt, .csv, .tab, .xls, .xlsx) containing your employee data. If the file contains more than just email addresses, Poppulo Harmony will attempt to map the information contained in each column to Data Fields within Poppulo Harmony. You can also use this method to update your People. 
  1. Prepare your file, as below. (You can use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, then Save As/Download as .csv file.)
    User-added image
    Note : When you upload the file, the system will recognise any column titles that match Field names within Poppulo Harmony and automatically map the columns in your file to the People Attribute in Poppulo Harmony. (you can also Create Custom Data Fields if you wish to import data that does not fit against any default fields within Poppulo Harmony). 
  1. Go to the People area in your account and choose Overview from the menu on the left.
    User-added image


  2. Select Import People in the top right corner.
    User-added image
  1. Click Choose File to select and upload your file. Then, once uploaded, click Next.
    User-added image
    Note: Use the Advanced Settings checkboxes when Reactivating your People.

  1. When uploading your file, columns that exist in Poppulo Harmony will map automatically.
    Using the file prepared in Step 1, as an example, Poppulo Harmony automatically mapped Email, First Name, Last Name, City and Team as these exist in Poppulo Harmony by default. Role has failed to map as it doesn't exist in Poppulo Harmony. Select the Do not import drop-down to map it to a different Attribute (Title/Position, for example). When satisified with your mapping, choose Next. 

    Note: If you do not change the mapping from Do not import, the column data will not import.
    User-added image
    User-added image

    Note: If the first row of your file contains the title of each column, check Skip First Row to remove this data from your import.

  1. Set your Fields, Tags and Topics information as needed; click Import Now to run the import.
    User-added image

    • Fields: Allows you to choose and define a specific field (City, for example) or you can use Custom Fields, for all employees in the import. 

    • Tags:  Allows you to create a new Tag, or add a Tag to all of the People being imported. Tags can then be used during the Send process to send targeted communications to that group of employees only (see Apply Tags to your People for more info). 

    • Topics: Set Topics to a particular value for the imported People. Topics allow you to target content such as particular articles and surveys based on the Person.

  1. Your People will be imported. (For more information on Invalid, Inactive, Duplicates etc. hover over the tool tips as below.)
    User-added image

    Note: It's important to View the Results of your People Import  for a deeper look at your import, to ensure that all employees were imported/updated as planned (those not imported may be missing an email address). 

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