Manually Add Invitees to an Event

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With the Event Module, you can easily see how invitees have responded to your event invitation - and send targeted follow-ups based on whether they've accepted, declined or not yet responded.

You can Edit an Event Response Manually or follow the instructions below to add a invitee. Once an invitee has been added they'll receive any future follow up emails for the event. 

Note: The instructions below are for Advanced Events. To learn about Simple Events, please view our article on Simple Events.


To Manually add Invitees:

  1. From the Overview screen, click on the Title of your Invite Folder to open the Event Dashboard.
    User-added image

  2. Click Manage Invitees, to display the list of attendees that you sent the invite to. 

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    Note: You can also access the Invitee Manager several other ways when Managing Event Responses.

  3. From the Manage Invitees screen, click the Add Invitee button.
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    User-added image

  4. Complete the invitee's Email address, First Name and Last Name and Response. Then, click Save.
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  5. The new invitee will be added to your list of attendees, and will receive any follow-up communications that you send going forward.
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