Managing Customer Connect Subscriber Data

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In your Poppulo Harmony Customer Connect account, the contacts that you send communications to are called People. The data for these People (e.g. their first name, surname, location, etc...) are stored within Poppulo Harmony in what's known as Fields? (Data Fields).  
The Poppulo Harmony platform features a number of integrations solutions that allow you to pull data directly from your customer data management systems, including Customer Management systems, Active Directory etc... These integrations keep your data up-to-date (for instance, whenever a new person is added or removed from your internal system, they'll be added or removed from your Poppulo Harmony database too). Our Technical Team can help with this during account set up.  
If you are not using an integrated solution, Poppulo Harmony also features a manual solution for importing data into your account, allowing you to manage your People. 


To manage your People, you may wish to: 

Manually Import your People Data

Deactivate People in Bulk 

Download a list of People that have Unsubscribed 

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