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Topics allow you to Filter Content by Reader Preferences. If your newsletter contains a lot of content, you can allow your readers to filter content based on the topics they're interested in. You can still ensure some content appears to all employees, but other news items would then appear based on the readers' preferences - helping to keep your communications as relevant as possible. 

Use the instructions below to link your topics to sections in your Newsletter, meaning any employee opted into the Topic will see the content linked to that Topic. 


To Link a Topic to a Section:

  1. In the edit view, navigate to the More drop-down and choose Sections.
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  2. In the Sections Screen, click the Section you would like to link the Topic to. 
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  3. Select your Topic(s) and click Save
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    Note: You must have Dynamic Content turned on in your account to see the option to associate a Topic with this section.


When you send your Newsletter, this section will be seen by employees who have selected the associated Topic on signing up for your newsletter (or updating their profile). It will also be seen by employees who have not selected any topics. It will not be seen by employees who have selected topics other than the one linked to this section.

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