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Search lets you identify People based on their employee data within the Poppulo system. Simply Run a Search. You can try different search criteria to target the right People in your search results.

Use the instructions below to invert your search.

To Invert your Search:

You can search for the inverse (or opposite) of any statement by placing 'NOT' in front of your search. This is also known as a Negative Search. 

  1. In the People area of your account, select Search from the menu on the left. 
    User-added image  

  2. Choose NOT from the first drop-down, and run your search as normal to find everyone who isn't included in your selected criteria.
    User-added image
    Note: The following search selects System Attribute from the second drop-down and Tag from the third. The tag searched for is Dublin. Therefore, the search will return all people who are NOT in the Dublin tag. 

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