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You can import articles directly from RSS feeds into your Poppulo Email account. This can be a great way to replicate content that appears on any website that uses RSS feeds to update content. When importing from RSS Feeds, you can import directly into the emails within your Folders. To import into your Media Library follow the steps below. 

To Import Articles from an RSS Feed into your Media Library: 

  1. Go to the Comms area and select Media Library from the menu on the left.
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  2. In the Media Library, click on the Add drop-down and then select Import from RSS.
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  1. Choose an RSS Feed to add Articles from (or Add an RSS feed to your account).

  2. From the list, tick the box next to any articles you want to import, then click Next.
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  3. Choose the Status for your articles, then click Next to import the articles.
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  4.  Once the Articles import, click Done to return to the Media Library. You'll find the articles in your Media Library, in your chosen folder.
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