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Sometimes you may want to repeat an article that appeared in a previous email. For instance, reminding employees about a competition or task that needs to be completed by a certain date. 

Rather than create a new article and re-enter your content, you can simply pull the original article directly into your Newsletter. Use the instructions below to import an article from another Folder. Alternatively, you can Add an Associated Article to the end of an article, or Import an Article from a Previous Email or your Library.


To Import an Article from another Folder:

  1. Edit the Email you would like to import the article into.

  2. In the Email Edit view, navigate to the Articles drop-down and click From another Folder.
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  3. Enter a Title and choose a specific Folder, or All Folders in the from drop-down. Then, click Search.
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    Note: Leaving the Title blank and searching from All Folders will return all articles available for import. 


  4. Use the checkboxes to choose the articles you'd like to import. Then, click Import.
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  5. Your article will appear in your Email. You can Edit an Article or Reorder your Articles in your Newsletter.
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To Search for Articles in a specific Folder:

  1. Leave the Title blank and choose a Folder in the from drop-down.
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    Note: You can enter the Article Name or Keyword in the Title. 


  2. In the Email drop-down, choose a specific Email or search all. 

  3. Click Search.

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