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When you Add a Library to your Enterprise Content Library you can decide which Sub-Accounts have access to the Shared Libraries using the instructions below. 

To Grant or Restrict Access to a Shared Library:

  1. In the Enterprise Content Library, choose Sharing Settings under the Libraries drop-down.
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  1. Use the Search Box to find an account you'd like the change the access for. (You can also refine your search to accounts with access to certain Libraries)

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    Note: Click the account name to grant access for a single sub-account.

  1. Use the checkboxes to select your accounts and click Grant Access (or Remove Access).

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    Note: You can select all, using the Account checkbox at the top. 

  1. In the Select Library drop-down, choose the Library you would like to Grant (or Restrict) access to and click Save

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  2. The selected accounts will now have access to the additional Shared Library. (Or no longer have access to the chosen Shared Library)

To Grant or Remove Access for a Single Sub-Account:

  1. Click on any Sub-Account name. 
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  1. Decide what Libraries the Sub-account can access using the checkboxes. Click Save when done.
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