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If your newsletter contains a lot of content, you could allow your readers to filter content based on certain topics that they are most interested in. You can still ensure some content appears to Everybody, but other news items would then appear based on the readers' preferences - helping to keep your communications as relevant as possible. 

Use Poppulo's Topics feature to filter content based on your readers preferences. 

How Does it Work? 

  • You can Create Topics in the People area of your account.

  • Link Topics with Sections.
  • Add your Topics to a sign-up form and/or update profile form that readers can access from any issue of your Newsletter. 

  • Employees select which Topics they are interested in. 

  • An employee that has selected one or more Topics will see only the Sections with those Topics.

  • An employee that has not selected any Topics will see all content. 

  • It is also possible to configure your Newsletter template to order the content of your Newsletter based on employee preferences; for instance placing content from a employee's preferred Topics above other content (contact Poppulo Support to adjust your template if you would like to use Topics in this way).


Testing your Topics setup:

Before sending your newsletter, it's a good idea to preview it as a number of different People, to double check that you correctly linked your sections with Topics. Use the instructions below to preview your Newsletter to verify that the employee can see the Sections Associated with that Topic. 

To Verify if a Topic is correctly Linked with your Section:

  1. Preview your Email using a particular employee email address.

  2. The preview will show you the newsletter as it will appear for that employee. You can verify if the correct Topic content is linked.

Note: When using Topics it is good practice to always include some content which is not associated with any topic, but will be seen by everyone. Otherwise make sure that you have some content associated with every topic. This is to ensure that no employee receives a blank newsletter.

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