Exporting a Sign-Up Form to a Website

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The Exporting a Sign-Up Form feature is a helpful feature which enables people to sign up and receive from your website, use the instructions below to export a sign-up form.

To Export a Sign-Up Form to a Website:

  1. Go to the People area and click 'Sign-up Forms'.
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  2. The available Sign-up Forms will appear listed on the left. Click 'Export'.
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  3. Choose your Folder. 
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    Note: If you have associated your sign-up form with multiple Folders you can choose from the list here which template will be used to show any sign-up messages(e.g. Thank you for subscribing). If the sign up form is associated with one Folder, that Folder is displayed here.

  1. Choose which version of the sign-up form you would like to export. 
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  • The Short Version of the sign-up form only asks for the fields that are set as required fields on the long version of the form.
  • The Long Version of the sign-up form will show all fields in your form.
  1. Click 'Generate HTML Code'. The code will appear in a window below to be used in your website.
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  2. Copy the code and paste it into your website. (You may need to forward this code to your website designer/administrator)

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