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The Enterprise Sub-Accounts tab, accessed in the Enterprise Monitor, gives Enterprise users a summary of their Sub-accounts including last sends and last logins. You can perform tasks in the Sub-Accounts tab or use the instructions below to access the Sub-Accounts tab in your Enterprise account.

To Access the Sub-Accounts Tab:

  1. In Enterprise, select Monitor from the menu on the left, and choose Sub-Accounts.

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  2. The Sub-Accounts screen shows you a list of your Sub-Accounts. They be sorted by Sub-AccountGroup, Last Login and Last Send.

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Sub-Account Tab Tasks:

There are a number of tasks that can be performed in the Sub-Accounts tab, click an option below to view the instructions:  

To Search for a Sub-Account:

  1. Use the the Search Box.
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To Perform Bulk Actions:

  1. On the list of your Sub-Accounts, select the check box of any account you wish to move or lock.

  2. Click the Bulk Actions dropdown.

  3. Select Move to Another Group or Lock Sub-Accounts to complete your Bulk Action.

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To Lock a Sub-Account:

  1. In your list of Sub-Accounts, choose the account you'd like to lock.

  2. ​Select the Actions button.

  3. Choose Lock from the drop-down to lock the account. 

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To Create User Groups:

  1. In the Sub-Accounts screen, select the Groups tab on the top right of the screen.
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  1. Click the New Group button. 
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To Edit or Delete a Group:

  1. In the Sub-Accounts screen, select the Groups tab.

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  2. Click the Edit icon for the Group.
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  3. Edit Group Name or add a Group Manager. 


To Move Sub-Accounts between Groups

  1. Tick the check box beside the Sub-Account you would like to move.
  2. Under Bulk Actions click Move to Another Group.
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  3. Select the Group to move the Sub-Account to or create a New Group.
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  4. Click Move Sub Accounts.

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