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The Sub-Account Settings Tab lets you edit the Restricted Sender Email Addresses for your Sub-Accounts and see if Sub-Accounts can Access Library Templates. To view Sub-Account Library Template Access or to edit the Restricted Sender Email Addresses, follow the instructions below. 

To Access the Sub-Account Settings Tab:

  1. In Enterprise, choose Settings from the menu on the left.

    Settings Tab

  2. Select Sub-Account Settings from the submenu.
    User-added image

  3. Click the Sub-Account Settings button.

  1. Enter or remove a restricted sender email address. (e.g. entering the CEO’s email address ensures Sub-Account users cannot set the CEO email address as the sender address.)

    User-added image
    Note: To change the Access to Library Templates setting, please contact your CSM or Poppulo Support. 

  2. Choose Save when done. 

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